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Which Middle-Earth Character Are You?

  1. 1. Pick a sin.
    New Line Cinema

    1. Gluttony

    2. Greed

    3. Pride

    4. Sloth

    5. Wrath

    6. Lust

    7. Envy

  2. 2. Pick an accessory.

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  3. 3. Pick a superpower.
    New Line Cinema

    1. The ability to communicate with plants

    2. Mind-reading

    3. The ability to talk to animals

    4. Invisibility

    5. The ability to travel at hyperspeed

    6. Omnipotence

    7. The ability to convince mythical creatures to hang out with you

  4. 4. Pick a snack.

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  5. 5. It’s Saturday night! What are you doing?
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    1. Drinking, dancing, and eating with friends at your local bar

    2. Perfecting the art of the smoke ring

    3. Online shopping

    4. Taking a quiet, contemplative nature walk

    5. Partying on your yacht

    6. Plotting the triumph of evil over good

    7. Writing a song

  6. 6. Choose your dream home.

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  7. 7. How do you handle conflict?
    New Line Cinema

    1. Strategically, with organized violence if necessary

    2. With an axe

    3. Calmly and confidently — you’ve done this like a million time before

    4. By pushing loved ones away and going solo

    5. By talking it out — a long and thorough conversation — with someone through something similar

    6. By getting bossy and giving orders

    7. You don’t “handle” conflict. You are conflict.

  8. 8. Which of these dogs really speaks to you?

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  9. 9. Choose your dream job.
    New Line Cinema

    1. Cirque du Soleil performer

    2. Owner of a microbrewery

    3. Evil overlord

    4. Traveling salesman

    5. Banker

    6. President of the United States

    7. Marijuana farmer

  10. 10. Pick a ring.

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Which Middle-Earth Character Are You?

  1. You got:


    You’re strong, brave, and loyal, with an appreciation for the finer things in life. You’ve also got an amazing head of hair. Sorry about the future of your entire people, though.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

  2. You got:


    So you aren’t a mythical creature, but Middle-earth human is still a lot cooler than Regular-Earth human. You’re industrious and ambitious, if a little preoccupied with power.

    New Line Cinema

  3. You got:


    You enjoy simple pleasures— good friends, food, and music— in a relatively quiet life. You don’t seek out adventure, but you don’t shy away from it, either, and you’re happy as long as your eating schedule isn’t disrupted.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment

  4. You got:


    Congratulations, you’re beautiful and immortal! Your long life has made you perceptive and insightful, and you’ve got a seemingly endless supply of energy. All of this is great for you, and possibly confusing to those around you.

    New Line Cinema

  5. You got:


    You are very chill. The absolute chillest. You’re contemplative, level-headed, and you’d rather not keep up with the fast pace of the modern world. You value your alone time, and it’s not that you’re antisocial per se, it’s just that you prefer the company of trees over people.

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