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Which Minor “Friends” Character Are You?

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Fun Bobby? Ugly Naked Guy? Marcel? Which Minor "Friends" Character Are You?

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    1. ✓ Mr Happy
    2. ✓ Mr Mean
    3. ✓ Mr Cheerful
    1. ✓ Mr Greedy
    2. ✓ Mr Tall
    3. ✓ Mr Perfect
    1. ✓ Mr Strong
    2. ✓ Mr Chatterbox
    3. ✓ Mr Grumble
    1. ✓ “Junior”
    2. ✓ “Clueless”
    3. ✓ “Home Alone”
    1. ✓ “American Beauty”
    2. ✓ “The Mighty Ducks”
    3. ✓ “The Full Monty”
    1. ✓ “Outbreak”
    2. ✓ “American Pie”
    3. ✓ “Fight Club”
    1. Przemyslaw Ratajczak / Thinkstock ✓ London
    2. iSailorr / Thinkstock ✓ Barcelona
    3. Songquan Deng / Thinkstock ✓ Orlando
    1. EHStock / Thinkstock ✓ Amsterdam
    2. swisshippo / Thinkstock ✓ Minsk
    3. hanusst / Thinkstock ✓ San Francisco
    1. Sergey Borisov / Thinkstock ✓ Paris
    2. Marcio Silva / Thinkstock ✓ New York
    3. Lance Lee / Thinkstock ✓ Bangkok
    1. Tim P. Whitby / Getty ✓ Cara Delevingne
    2. Jason Merritt / Getty ✓ Emma Watson
    3. Frazer Harrison / Getty ✓ The Rock
    1. Chelsea Lauren / Getty ✓ Miley Cyrus
    2. Jason Merritt / Getty ✓ Jennifer Lawrence
    3. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty ✓ Aaron Paul
    1. Chris Jackson / Getty ✓ Tom Hanks
    2. Mark Metcalfe / Getty ✓ Pharrell Williams
    3. ✓ Elmo
    1. ✓ A protein shake
    2. lazar_x / Thinkstock ✓ Wine
    3. lola1960 / Thinkstock ✓ Fruit
    1. johan10 / Thinkstock ✓ Pizza
    2. kietisak / Thinkstock ✓ Fried chicken
    3. soultkd / Thinkstock ✓ Steak
    1. Teleginatania / Thinkstock ✓ Cake
    2. User63774ca5_63 / Thinkstock ✓ Sushi
    3. arfo / Thinkstock ✓ A cheeseburger
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    3. Goldmund Lukic / Thinkstock ✓
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Which Minor “Friends” Character Are You?

  1. You got: David

    You’re incredibly smart. You’re also hard-working and once you start a project, you won’t give up until you’ve achieved what you set out to do. You have a tendency to prioritise work over personal relationships, but you’re destined to achieve great things.

  2. You got: Fun Bobby

    You have a great sense of adventure and you’re always a great party guest. You have a tendency to drink a bit too much, but no one’s complaining; you’re the best drunk ever.

  3. You got: Marcel

    You’re destined for great things and you have a great sense of adventure. You’re very popular, you make friends easily and you love playing practical jokes on them.

  4. You got: Ugly Naked Guy

    You’re an extrovert and you don’t get embarrassed easily. You’re an endless source of fascination to your friends, and you often get the impression that they’re watching you very closely. You have some pretty unusual habits, but they’re all part of your charm.

  5. You got: The chick and the duck

    You’re pretty popular, and you often find your friends doing anything they can to keep you happy. You’re always up for playing a new game, and you’re full of surprises.

  6. You got: Bonnie

    You’re a free spirit and a shamless flirt. You’re exceptionally confident and you can be quite full on, but that just means that you’re the life and soul of any party.

  7. You got: Tag Jones

    You’re ambitious and you work hard, but you also know how to have a good time. Sometimes your friends think you can be a bit immature, but you’re the life and soul of any party.

  8. You got: Amy Green

    You’re incredibly popular, pretty and cool. While you sometimes come across as being a bit spoilt and superficial, your heart is in the right place and you always mean well.

  9. You got: Erica

    You can come across as a bit ditzy and you often struggle to be taken seriously by your peers, but in the end you always do the right thing. You’re great fun, incredibly sweet and extremley loyal to your close friends.

  10. You got: Amanda Buffamonteezi

    Deep down, you’re very sweet. However, you can come across as quite self-obsessed. You’re very confident and you’re never afraid to speak up for what you believe in.

  11. You got: Eddie Menuek

    You’re a sensetive soul and you’ve got a lot of feelings. You always mean well, even if you sometimes manage to annoy those around you with your quirky habits. You can be quite forgetful, but your friends find it endearing.

  12. You got: Frank Buffay Jr.

    You can come across as a bit ditzy, but you make up for it by being so incredibly sweet. Your family are really important to you, and you’d do anything for them. You always stick to your guns and aren’t afraid to act against the norm.

  13. You got: Chloe

    You’re great fun and you’re always up for an adventure. You’re confident and very good at getting what you want. You do, however, often get yourself into difficult situations, but you mean well and your heart’s in the right place.

  14. You got: Pete Becker

    You can be a bit flash with your cash, but who cares? You’re proud of how sucessful you are, and rightly so! You’re extremley ambitious and you always throw yourself wholeheartedly into any project you commit to.

  15. You got: Kathy

    You’re beautiful, and great fun, but you have a tendancy to get yourself into sticky situations. You’re an extrovert and you always get what you want.

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