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Which “Orange Is The New Black” Character Should Be Your Valentine?

    1. Their sense of humor

    2. Two piercing eyes

    3. Their passion!

    4. Dat ass

    5. Their wallet?

    6. They way they make you feel

    1. A romantic dinner

    2. Picnic in the park

    3. Movie and drinks

    1. A night at a comedy club

    2. House party

    3. You’re literally down for anything

    1. The Good Wife

    2. 30 Rock

    3. House Of Cards

    1. Sex & The City

    2. The L Word

    3. Breaking Bad

    1. When someone exoticizes you

    2. Flakiness

    3. When someone clearly isn’t willing to put in the effort

    4. Cheating

    5. If someone is overbearing

    6. If they don’t get your sense of humor

    1. Traveling the world

    2. Settled down with a few kids

    3. Probably in jail

    1. Enjoying the life of a gold-digger

    2. CEO of a company

    3. No clue

    1. “You’re so beautiful, you just made me forget my pick-up line.”

    2. “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.”

    3. “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

    4. “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice”

    5. “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.”

    6. “Are you a keyboard, because you’re my type.”

    1. Any Shakespeare

    2. “Les Miserables”

    3. “Gone Girl”

    1. Manga or Comics

    2. The Harry Potter series

    3. I don’t read that much

    1. Chewing loudly

    2. Slow walkers

    3. People who ask questions during movies

    4. People invading your personal space

    5. People using the term “literally” incorrectly

    6. People actually saying “YOLO”

Which “Orange Is The New Black” Character Should Be Your Valentine?

  1. You got:


    You don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously, and that’s why Taystee is the lady for you! She will sweep you off your feet with her wild sense of humor and laid-back personality. No matter what you do – you know you’re going to have a great time.

  2. You got:

    Big Boo

    When Big Boo lets down her sarcastic front to show you she really cares on Valentine’s Day, you’re going to melt. You usually think this holiday is a little silly but no one is immune to this kind of charm. Watch out for Little Boo coming to deliver a card to you!

  3. You got:


    When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you love to be in charge. Always the “giver” in a relationship, you love planning out surprises and dates. Piper is the perfect valentine for you because no matter what you end up doing you’ll both have fun and she makes you feel special. If you’re lucky, you won’t end up locked in a washing machine.

  4. You got:

    Alex Vause

    You’re always down to try new things, but sometimes you need someone to give you that little push. Alex, fearless and adventurous, will make sure you do something a little crazy this Valentine’s day. Go on, be her little spoon!

  5. You got:


    No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you demand the best – and this holiday is no exception. Sophia is going to make sure your Valentine’s day is far above the rest.

  6. You got:

    Crazy Eyes

    Your Valentine’s Day is going to be three words: Over the top. You love surprises and demand nothing less than a grand gesture on such an important holiday. Crazy Eyes is your perfect valentine because she has more than enough love to give. Go on, get your swirl on.

  7. You got:

    Officer Bennett

    You love feeling safe and protected, and who better to do that than an officer of the law? He puts on a tough act, but underneath he is a softie. Make sure you have a stick of gum ready this Valentine’s Day.

  8. You got:


    How can you not have fun on Valentine’s Day when it feels like you’re hanging out with your very best friend? When Poussey doesn’t have you laughing, she is melting your heart with her unbelievably adorable ways.

  9. You got:


    Your day just got a little bit sweeter. Daya’s lovely and magnetic charm would sweep anyone off their feet, but don’t mistake her for a pushover. She isn’t afraid to get exactly what she wants and you love that about her. Be on the lookout for a secret note from Daya this Valentine’s Day.

  10. You got:


    Nothing in life should be taken too seriously, including Valentine’s day. Nicky is going to make you feel special, pampered, and mostly likely have you dying of laughter the whole evening. If you’re lucky she needs help with an “art piece.”


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