Which Ryan Gosling Character Is Your Soulmate?

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Hey girl, lemme show you what love is all about.

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Which Ryan Gosling Character Is Your Soulmate?

  1. You got: Luke from “The Place Beyond the Pines”

    You get the hunk of a man that is Luke! You’re one tough cookie, so you deserve a tough man in return. However, underneath your tough exterior, you have a heart of gold. You love adventure, nature, and you’re always up for a dare. You’re attracted to the unique things in life, and you aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, so go get him.

    Focus Features / Via totalfilm.com

  2. You got: Jacob Palmer from “Crazy, Stupid, Love”

    Jackpot! You get a guy that’s just as fashionable as you. You’re confident, social, and love a good night out. You’re love a good pair of sunglasses, and a guy with a good bod and sexy smile. You can be a little arrogant, but you mean well. You thrive off of the hustle and bustle of life, but can see yourself settling down. My God, you got a gorgeous Gosling here.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via crazytownblog.com

  3. You got: Driver from “Drive”

    You love a man who’s skilled with his hands and will do anything to protect you. You’re a no nonsense kind of person, you work well under pressure, and love a good joyride. You can be misunderstood at times, but you are fiercely loyal. You’re a seasoned traveler, and love exploring. Hopefully you and this Gosling can ride of into the sunset, sans stab wound.

    FilmDistrict / Via theguardian.com

  4. You got: Lars from “Lars and the Real Girl”

    Lars. What a wonderful, genuine, and sweet guy. You’re goofy, imaginative, and love your family. You tend to have your head stuck in the clouds, but you’re just imagining the perfect man. You love the feeling of community, and look for someone who you can be yourself around. You can be a little introverted, but you have a funny side. Show Lars what a real lover is all about.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via fanpop.com

  5. You got: Noah from “The Notebook”

    Your fifteen year old self is crying inside, because you just just the ultimate romantic. Get ready to have unbelievably poignant sex everywhere you go. You are the ultimate romantic and love a good engagement story. You’re passionate, hard-working, and tend to be a little emotional. You believe in fairy tales, and see relationships as a vital part of life.

    New Line Cinema / Via lolzparadise.com

  6. You got: Dan from “Half Nelson”

    “Oh no you didn’t.” This guy is smart, alternative, and devoted to helping others. You never fail to look calm, cool, and collected on the outside even if you’re struggling on the inside. You have a ton of wisdom, but sometimes fail to take your own advice. You value honesty, intelligence, and seek the truth. You’re not afraid to protect those you love, and you tend to make sacrifices for others.

    ThinkFilm / Via liveforfilms.com


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