Which Shakira Are You?

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Solo tú sabes bien quien soy.

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Which Shakira Are You?

  1. You got: “Estoy Aquí” Shakira

    You’ve probably had (or thought of having) dreadlocks. Something of an earth child, you’re Shakira at her most bohemian and whimsical. You prefer to be barefoot and carefree.


  2. You got: “Inevitable” Shakira

    Punk-y and rebellious, you like Manic Panic and talking about your feelings. You’re Rocker Shakira, thrashing around on stage and playing the electric guitar.

    Via 1000recordings.com

  3. You got: “Whenever, Wherever” Shakira

    You’re a hippie sexpot, writhing around in mud and wearing shirts made of animal prints and/or leather. You’re “Look What My Body Can Do” Shakira. Your sexual magnetism makes people uncomfortable, in that they cannot look away.


  4. You got: “La Tortura” Shakira

    You’re a minimalist, into looking and living natural. You wear a lot of earth tones. You are “I Woke Up Like This” Shakira.


  5. You got: “Hips Don’t Lie” Shakira

    You’re sleek and sophisticated, and you love to party. You’re “Best-Selling Single of the 21st Century” Shakira. You’re the boss.


  6. You got: “She Wolf” Shakira

    You’re a total weirdo and completely captivating. You’re “I Eat Men For Breakfast” Shakira. You cannot be held down or controlled by anyone.


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