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Which TV High School Should You Attend?

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There’s a school from your favorite ’90s and early 2000s TV shows that’s perfect for you.

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Which TV High School Should You Attend?

  1. You got: Bayside High from “Saved by the Bell”

    You learn from your mistakes (of which there are many), but that’s OK! You’d go to Bayside because you know you need your friends to get through those obstacles. And you also need a dorky principal to keep you grounded.


  2. You got: Lawndale High from “Daria”

    Fact: You are better than everyone. But you’re humble about it which makes you doubly awesome. Lawndale would be your place because it puts things in perspective. Plus, your artistic side knows it needs torture in those fragile adolescent years in order to blossom. Or something. Whatever.


  3. You got: Constance Billard from “Gossip Girl”

    Hey there, Power-Hungry Seductress. It would seem you have quite the drive — both for success and … succsex. If your main goal is to get ahead in the world while looking like a Teen Vogue model, then send in your application to Constance. XOXO INDEED.

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  4. You got: William McKinley High School from “Freaks and Geeks”

    Have you ever noticed how everyone in the world is just a stupid loser? Well your fellow students at McKinley feel the same way. You’ll coast through class, probably get bullied at some point, but in the end, you’ll have cool friends for life.


  5. You got: The Harbor School from “The O.C.”

    So, basically, this is the best school ever. Because it would seem there’s no curriculum, the students hardly ever have projects, and in the end they all get into really good colleges. If you had to do high school over, wouldn’t you want it to be like this?

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  6. You got: Capeside High from “Dawson’s Creek”

    You are bright and witty, but most people note your sarcasm. That, and the fact that you are a walking SAT vocab book. If you’ve always felt like you were more mature than your peers, Capeside welcomes you with open arms.


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