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Which TV Office Should You Actually Work In?

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Who says work can’t be fun?

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Which TV Office Should You Actually Work In?

  1. You got: Dunder Mifflin from “The Office”

    You’re a team player and don’t take anything too seriously. You’ve got a sassy side, but you know how to get the most out of your work day. Being stuck with a motley crew of co-workers sounds fun to you and accentuates your eccentric side. You love having a Dwight and Michael in the office just because it keeps things interesting.

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  2. You got: TelAmeriCorp from “Workaholics”

    Productivity is not exactly your middle name, but as long as you have your best friends beside you, you can get through any hellacious work week. A good time is always waiting for you once your work is done. You’re a loyal and goofy friend who always finds a way to make the workday fun. Just be sure to hide that joint…

    Comedy Central / Via

  3. You got: Sterling Cooper & Partners from “Mad Men”

    As a member of Sterling Cooper & Partners, you could sell a “How to Quit Smoking” book to the whole office. You’re serious, smart, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty every once in a while. As blunt as you may be, you tend to stay guarded when it comes to your personal life. Go out and close that deal.

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  4. You got: 30 Rock from “30 Rock”

    In order to work at 30 Rock, you gotta be both funny and creative — two things that come naturally to you. You’re zany, smart, and can’t deal when work environments are monotonous. You can be a little spazzy and dramatic, just like Liz Lemon, but, people love you for it and it tends to make the day fly by.

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  5. You got: City of Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department from “Parks and Recreation”

    You are a caring and kind individual that just wants the best for your co-workers. You value the little things in life and you love to organize events and plans. You don’t mind working in a traditional office setting just as long as the people are interesting. Sometimes you’re feeling a little Ron Swanson-y, but can turn on your schmoozy Tom Haverford side in a second.

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  6. You got: Olivia Pope & Associates from “Scandal”

    Just like Olivia Pope herself, you work well under pressure and enjoy getting the scoop on all your cases. Glitz and glamour need to play a role in your office. You always dress for the job you want, not the one you have. You’re a very driven individual who loves seeing justice served. However, you secretly like a little drama in the office, because it keeps things interesting.

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