Who Is Your "Boy Meets World" Soulmate?

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Just looking for someone to wander with down this road that we call liiiiiife.

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Who Is Your "Boy Meets World" Soulmate?

  1. You got: Mr. Feeny

    You’re suited for an old soul — someone who is wise and loyal, and is constantly pushing you to be the best version of yourself. Also, he or she probably has a really good smelling home, which is surrounded by a white picket fence.

    ABC / Via strengthofyourhearts.tumblr.com

  2. You got: Shawn Hunter

    You’re suited for a troublemaker — someone who is extremely passionate and pulls you outside of your comfort zone, even if that means pulling you into something that is potentially illegal.

    ABC / Via whoopswasthatme.tumblr.com

  3. You got: Topanga Lawrence

    You’re suited for an individual — someone who is smart, funny, and compassionate, and who always goes against the grain. If you find someone who dances around your kitchen table with lipstick on his or her face, don’t let him or her go!

    ABC / Via karenkavett.tumblr.com

  4. You got: Cory Matthews

    You’re suited for a romantic — someone who tells you 1,000 times a day that you are the love of his or her life and makes you feel like the only person in the room.

    ABC / Via teendotcom.tumblr.com

  5. You got: Eric Matthews

    You’re suited for…an Eric, who is really just his own type of human!

    ABC / Via chksdigthelongball.tumblr.com

  6. You got: Jack Hunter

    You’re suited for a dreamboat — someone who maybe cares a little too much about public perception and body type, but is also always on point when it comes to the truly important issues.

    ABC / Via boymeetsworldgirlmeetsworld.tumblr.com


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