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Who Said It: Kanye West Or Your Creative Director?

What do Kanye West and your Creative Director have in common? They both think they’re superior beings and say some insanely ridiculous things. This new site Kanye vs Creative Director shows the similarities between Yeezus and CDs by asking visitors to guess who dropped the highlighted ego-centric quote. It’s surprisingly difficult to identify the correct answer for some of these, but it’s all fun nonetheless.

Here’s a quiz with some of the quotes from the site:

  1. 1. “I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.”

  2. 2. “I don’t give a fuck what it looks like. I want it to feel like ecstasy.”

  3. 3. “If I haven’t heard of it, it hasn’t happened.”

  4. 4. “Pink is obviously a better color.”

  5. 5. “I don’t need another person telling me I inspire them.”

  6. 6. “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.”

  7. 7. “This represents the level of deep iconic genius that I always knew I was capable of achieving.”

  8. 8. “My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in.”

  9. 9. “I am my greatest creation.”

  10. 10. “I don’t give a fuck what people think because people don’t think.”

Who Said It: Kanye West Or Your Creative Director?


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