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Why Chandler Bing Is Like The Teenage Girl Inside Of All Of Us

Even though Chandler was a guy, mostly he was a teenage girl.

1. He had the same fears we had when our crushes didn’t like us…

2. …dealt with those fears by saying this to himself:

3. And after that dumb science test and what Jenna said in the bathroom, it was just like…

4. Just look at what his catchphrase was:

5. His love of bubble baths…

6. His Sunday routine:

7. And I’m pretty sure we owned those pants:

8. He shared the same thoughts we had throughout the 12th grade:

9. The same worries about love…

10. The same insecurities:

The same insecurities:

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11. And basically this was us too:

12. He perfectly embodied a teen’s reaction to almost everything:

13. And our relationship with food.

14. We were also weird and sensitive…

15. And even though some days we felt desperate and awkward:

16. Other days we felt confident!

18. Plus, his sexy face was the same as ours.

19. In conclusion:

20. Yup, makes perfect sense.

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