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Why It’s OK Not To Have A Driver’s License

1. Some people are natural born drivers.

They love nothing more than the wind in their hair, their foot on the pedal and the sound of a roaring engine.

2. You are not. You’ve never really had the slightest notion what it actually means to “drive a car.”

3. It feels like your suburban friends have practically been driving since they could walk.

4. People tell you it’s an “important skill” that you “need to learn.” You remain unconvinced.

5. For years, you made up excuse after excuse.

6. You always just got by mooching off your friends for rides.

“You could at least give me gas money every once and a while.”

7. But they got fed up. Really, really fed up.

8. So eventually you said “screw it” and read over an online manual. It seemed pretty straightforward.

9. I mean, c’mon. How confusing could it be?

10. As it turned out, it was VERY, VERY CONFUSING.

11. You paid attention in Drivers Ed, but honestly they might as well have been speaking another language.

12. Needless to say, your grasp on the material was pretty weak.

13. And so obviously, as soon as you sat down for your driving test, you drew a complete blank.

Via Nickelodeon

You couldn’t even remember your name. Let alone how to parallel park.

14. It went poorly. To say the least.


15. The verdict was in.

But honestly, it was probably for the best.

16. If you were allowed to drive, you know you’d just end up getting distracted anyway.

17. And doing something impossibly stupid.

Telling your insurance agent you were just trying to carpool isn’t going to cut it.

18. Instead of wasting years of your life trying, just look at the silver linings of not knowing how to drive!

19. For starters, you always have a cool “alternative” form of ID. Driver’s licences are way boring.

20. You don’t have to deal with those silly prices.

21. Or that parking nonsense.

22. Aggressive strangers being rude? Not your problem!

23. You never have to worry about being the DD.

Party on, Garth.

24. Or having to chat with the 5-0 after a long night out.

25. So maybe you’ll never live the LA life you dreamed of.

26. It’s okay. Your second choice isn’t half bad.

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