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Why Nickelodeon’s ‘All That’ Was The Best Thing That Happened To Your Childhood

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While Disney had “The Mickey Mouse Club,” Nickelodeon had “All That,” a sketch comedy/variety show that aired for 10 seasons.

Its final episode ended nine years ago on October 22, 2005.

Here are six reasons why “All That” was the best thing to happen to you if you were a 90s kid:

1. Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?

If you’ve never heard this notable quote before in your life, you clearly missed out.

This reoccurring sketch took place with the cashier, Ed, in a fast food restaurant. It focused on a clueless teenager, who never really did anything right and always found a way to mess up someone’s order.

The sketch was later adapted in the 1997 movie, “Good Burger,” which starred Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.

2. Nick Cannon’s Claim to Fame

Sure, we may know Nick Cannon now for being the host of “America’s Got Talent,” “Wild ‘n Out,” “Drumline” or for being Mr. Mariah Carey. But, where Nick Cannon really shined was in “All That.”

The producers on the show recognized his talent, both on and off the camera, and at the age of 17, he became the youngest staff writer in television history.

Among Cannon’s notable sketches were The Spice Boys, where he played sweaty spice, as well as The Inconvenience Store and Dudco Enterprises, where he played Latanya.

3.  The Amanda Bynes we fell in love with: Ask Ashley

Ask Ashley was featured in seasons three through six and starred Amanda Bynes. Clueless viewers would send in their letters to Ashley, who looked like a sweet and innocent girl, but would then go on violent rants as she read their letters.

The signature trademark of the sketch was as Ashley began to read the letters, she would use the iconic phrase, “THAAAT’S ME!” Across the three seasons, Ask Ashley featured many celebrities, including Tyra Banks, The Spice Girls and Missy Elliott.

4. Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris with Pierre Escargot?

As a child, who didn’t want to sit in a bathtub filled with suds, wearing a raincoat and matching hat, with swim fins in Paris?

Although the idea was extreme, Kenan Thompson made this idea come to life, when he played Pierre Escargot, and would “teach” you French phrases while on a break from whatever he was doing.

The phrases were never realistic and were quite silly, translating sentences like, “May I take a nap in your nose?”

5. Speaking of Kenan Thompson…

Ranked one of VH1’s 100 Greatest Teens Stars, it’s no surprise Kenan Thompson has continued to live a successful comedic career after “All That,” now a member of the “SNL” cast.

Among his notable characters on the show were Superdude, Miss Piddlin, Dullmont Junior High School Principal William Baines Pimpell, Randy and Pierre Escargot.

In particular, Superdude revolved around a teenage superhero, parodied off of Superman, whose alter ego was named Mark Cant and his nemesis the Milk Man, as he was lactose intolerant.

Miss Piddlin, another classic character played by Kenan Thompson, was the cafeteria lady who had a crazy obsession with peas and would go crazy, scaring the kids away if they resisted. It’s no wonder most of those born in the 90s were afraid to eat peas…

6. It was a show FOR kids played BY kids

Although most of us may not have realized it at the time, “All That” was a show about kids, PLAYED by kids — a concept that is mostly foreign to children’s television shows today.

It remains arguably unmatched in its PG approach to content, engaging and entertaining young fans for many years, while discussing teen issues and opinions without being condescending.

What’s most interesting is that the TV programming continued to remain largely diverse in terms of ethnicity and gender throughout its years on television, which may have contributed to its success.

Overall, “All That” was one of the best shows of all time, and we have Nickelodeon to thank for that.

Top Photo Courtesy: Nickelodeon/All That

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