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Why We All Want A Relationship Like Seth & Summer’s On “The O.C.”

1. Exhibit A: they knew that pinkie swears are eternally binding.

2. Exhibit B: They tackled housework together and DIDN’T kill each other.

3. Exhibit C: They got off to a sassy (but flirty!) start.

5. Yeah, sass was basically the theme of their relationship.

6. Exhibit D: How can you refuse an apology from someone with a pink gerber daisy?

7. Exhibit E: They realized that perfection is way overrated.

8. Exhibit F: They always tried to impress each other…

10. Exhibit G: They kept the right life/love balance, even when someone had to travel the country by bus.

11. Exhibit H: They went along with each other’s weird ideas.

12. and, Exhibit I: They celebrated each other’s weird family traditions.

13. Exhibit J: They shared life’s biggest moments together.

14. …sometimes unknowingly, which is even cuter.

...sometimes unknowingly, which is even cuter.

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15. Exhibit J: they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

16. …which is the key to ANY relationship.

17. Exhibit K: They had the cutest kisses of ALL TIME.

18. Like, really cute.

20. And a lot of them happened on coffee carts.

21. And during underwater-themed proms.

22. And a little something we should all refer to as the BEST KISS OF ALL TIME.

23. Sure, they both had their BRIEF pitfalls.

25. But all along, nothing could really keep them apart.

26. And in the end, nothing did.

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