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Woman Hilariously Admits To Baby All The Times She Was A Bad Mom

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Sarah Showfety is a mother with a sense of humor.

Showfety runs the blog Dear Baby XO, in which she documents the comedic, realistic side of parenting.

The site began in the first months of her daughter’s life, when Showfety found herself musing about Chardonnay while breastfeeding.

Stuck at home with only the baby to see, Showfety experienced a few priceless thoughts.

About wine.

And getting out of the house.


And all the less-glamorous parts of raising a child.

It was then Showfety realized she hadn’t left her old self behind when launching into the world of motherhood.

She had hundreds of “confessions,” the silly thoughts she had while spending time with her baby every day.


Whether Showfety accidentally put the little girl’s pants on wrong or woke her up with the noise of a popping wine cork, she’s the kind of parent all of us hope to be.


In a Huffington Post feature, Showfety wrote: “Our community was created to make myself and other parents laugh; to bring lightness to people doing a super hard job, often in isolation…”

“…To tell the messy, irreverent truth about parenting — not the Hallmark version.”

It seems Showfety struck thousands of parental funny bones.

Her idea grew to include a successful Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page and newsletter.


Dear Baby, you’ll probably have your mother’s sense of comedy one day.


You’ll laugh about this.


And then find yourself making confessions to your own little angel.


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