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Woman Raised $50K For Homeless Man Who Offered Her $5 For A Cab Home

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Ross ParryRoss Parry

Ross Parry

A homeless man who offered up his last $5 to a student received enough donations to build a new life for both himself and others like him.

Since December 4, a grateful Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, 22, raised almost $50,000 in donations for the Englishman, known only as Robbie, who has lived on the streets for seven months.

After the University of Central Lancashire student lost her ATM card while out very late, Robbie approached her. He offered her his last $5, asking her to promise she’d used the money to take a taxi and arrive home safely.

Although the Miss Preston 2015 candidate turned down the money, she began to spread Robbie’s tale of kindness across social media. Soon, media outlets picked up the story.

Since he doesn’t require the full amount of the donations to begin anew, Robbie insisted much of the donations serve to fortify non-profits in the Preston, Lancashire area.

That’s exactly the behavior Harrison-Bentzen has come to know from the man, who’s well-known for his generosity in the face of poverty.

Harrison-Bentzen’s GoGetFunding page was overcrowded with generous visitors hoping to donate, forcing her to extend the deadline for donations to December 18.

On December 16, Harrison-Bentzen brought in another round of donations with a sponsored 24-hour period living as a homeless person in Preston.

On a Facebook page entitled “Help Robbie, Preston’s Homeless Hero,” Harrison-Bentzen wrote,

After securing accommodation and a roof over his head, Robbie wants to help many others in his situation and also those organisations who struggle to survive but helped him to keep surviving such as soup kitchens and food banks…

We set out originally to change 1 mans life, now we can change dozens if not more, surely this is absolutely incredible?

This Good Samaritan, whose current quest is to find Robbie a home for the holidays, is repaying the grateful man with both money and human connection.

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