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You Might’ve Seen This Photo Before… But Nothing Can Prepare You For The Truth Behind It. Wow.

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No matter what part of the world you examine, there will be parents and children there sharing bonds of love and respect. This photo in particular surfaced from rural Asia, warming the hearts of thousands online. Although there isn’t much information online about this picture, you won’t need to know the full story to really feel the emotions behind it. According to Reddit and a Thai forum, this is a picture of a son with his poor farmer father after finally graduating from college. The juxtaposition of the son and father is shocking, but also touching.

According to comments online, the son is posing with his father, who is a poor farmer in Thailand.

The father lost his wife during childbirth. He spent every day of his life working hard to support his son.

This man gave everything so that his son could make something of himself in life.

The young man graduated from Ratchpatr University in Chiang Rai (far northern Thailand). Now, with the help of his education, he can support the father that literally gave his life to help his boy. The love shared between these two men is truly touching. Source: Reddit via Pantip Share their story with others.

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