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You’ll Never Go In A Garage Again After This Chainsaw Massacre Prank (Video)

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VitalyzdTv, one of YouTube’s leading prank channels, shared a video yesterday of what is probably its best and most convincing prank yet: the chainsaw massacre. In honor of Halloween’s upcoming arrival, we’re spreading the fear.

The prank is set in a parking garage with a chainsaw “murderer” and his victim, who in some scenes is dead and in others is struggling to live.

They scare people coming into the parking garage in various ways. Sometimes, the victim is attempting to flee the murderer, and other times, unsuspecting bystanders happen upon the killer “chopping up” a body.

In the most frightening instances, the bystanders get chased by the crazy man with a blood-stained chainsaw.

Since nobody realizes it’s a prank, the reactions are very real; the victims of the prank freak the f*ck out.

It’s a funny and an incredibly well-done prank, but perhaps goes a bit too far. Someone could have really gotten hurt. What if a bystander had a gun and shot the prankster, or, as some commenters suggested, ran him over?

Plus, those poor people are probably scarred for life now.

It’s definitely on the meaner side as far as pranks go — but as long as you’re on the safe side of the prank, it’s still pretty funny to watch.

See it up top, but be warned: It’s gory, so if you’re especially squeamish, you may not like it.

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