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YouTube is hit with service outages!/GrandeLoverxo/status/303788131595984896

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Yes. In fact, a lot of people are having this problem:

Youtube is not working!! gaahhh

— Veera Elena (@vertsuuu) February 19, 2013

youtube is broken 🙁

— † (@phxkn_comfy) February 18, 2013

youtube is not working NOOO

— Jenna † (@VasHappeninGaga) February 19, 2013

#Youtube is broken!

— Benjamin Kellers (@bkellers) February 19, 2013

YouTube is broken!!!!!!!

— Hazza (@Hazza1979) February 19, 2013

youtube is not working. why.

— Matt (@dissimu1ation) February 19, 2013

And my youtube is not working so I can’t post my Stiles’ video, I am sick, and tired. Life’s not good 🙁

— dylan sexy o’brien. (@ohsexydylan) February 18, 2013

aaaahhhhh youtube is broken :’)

— Goldy Bampoe-Parry♥ (@GoldyGoldi) February 19, 2013

Youtube is not working right now and it is making me very angry.

— Ashley Monday (@ThatMondayChick) February 15, 2013

Web monitoring service reports “possible service trouble.”

A silver lining?

#youtube is not working – worldwide productivity is up 36.8%

— Craig Wright (@CraigWright1982) February 19, 2013

It’s a small inconvenience for YouTube viewers, but for content producers (some of whom use YouTube to earn a living), these outages are no laughing matter.

We hope this is fixed soon.

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